Newsletter: Laundry & Cleaning

Focussing on our Fabric Softeners made by Kao Chemicals Europe

Fabric Softeners ingredients is a daily business – favourably Chemelco has a close co-operation with Kao Chemicals in Europe. Kao’s Tetranyl® range offers cold and hot water soluble softeners. In the same range also pure vegetable varieties, as well as a non-flammable version is available.

The Tetranyl® range also, commonly known as TEA-Esterquats offers the following benefits and advantages:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Full technical formulatory support
  • 90% concentrated, easy to formulate 4 – 5 % end product concentration at the right viscosity

The two most common types to consider:

  • Tetranyl AT-1 = cold water soluble
  • Tetranyl AT-7590 = warm water soluble

Chemelco and Kao Chemicals would gladly extend full support in the formulation process which makes using the Tetranyl range that much more effortless. Furthermore to this, we as Chemelco can supply additional chemicals for these formulations, and thus offer a complete package for your raw material needs:

Glydant® made by LonzaEncapsulated or regular perfumes by Kao PerfumesThickeners; Bermocoll (Hydroxy Ethyl Celluloses by Akzo Chemicals) and Visco Brite 1588 (Chemelco)Pearlescent Agents by PL-10Kao ; DanoxSilicones Easy-Ironing (BRB Silicones)

The same expertise which used for Fabric Softeners is available for Liquid Laundry Detergents, Heavy Duty Cleaning, Disinfecting or Personal Care.

Have a look at Kao Chemicals Europe website under fabric softeners or  for more information.

We would gladly guide you further with formularies, samples or trial drums. Kindly contact our Head Office with your request.

Looking forward to touch base!