Newsletter: Nedmag Industries

We proudly highlight our business partner NEDMAG INDUSTRIES, situated in the north of Holland. Nedmag produces the highest quality Magnesium Oxide and Calcium Chloride. Nedmag chose Chemelco & Sumo Food Ingredients as their distribution partner. In this mailing we focus on the high standard quality Calcium Chloride with following characteristics :

CaCl2 Food – Production & Quality

  • Natural minerals bischofite and dolomite
  • One of the largest and purest sources in the world
  • An optimized production process which has the smallest CO2 footprint in the market

Our CaCl2 Food Quality meets or exceeds

  • EU Food Additive Regulation 231/2012 (E 509)
  • Current edition of Food Chemical Codex
  • 19th JECFA (1975) and 63rd JECFA (2004)
  • ISO 22000 , ISO 9001
  • Batch analyses by state of the art analytical equipment, such as ICP-AES
  • Quality control based on HACCP plan

CaCL2 Food – Applications Cheese production

  • Increases the size and strength of the curds
  • Works as a coagulation aid and effective coagulant
  • Influences the ease by which cheese curds shrink and releases whey

Beer production

  • Corrects mineral deficiencies in the brewing water
  • Achieves ideal pH values in the brewing water
  • Affects flavor and chemical reactions during the brewing process
  • Affects yeast function during fermentation

Horticultural products

  • Prevents deterioration in quality of fruit and vegetables
  • Firming agent in canned vegetables
  • Preserves pickles while not increasing the food’s sodium content

Sumo Food Ingredients delivers CaCl2 Food either in LCL or FCL loads and we gladly enter long-term supply contracts. Samples and technical information are available and we do look forward to your interest. Together we invest in better food ingredients !!

Your Chemelco Team