Newsletter: Nikken Foods

Originating and with the HQ in Japan, Nikken Foods produces high food-tech powders acting as flavours and taste enhancers in Japan, Thailand and China. Their food-tech is of high quality with impressively low total plate count numbers. You will find that most of their products are Halal, Kosher and they carry all other certifications as required.

The Nikken’s clean label range comprises of, for example, Soy Sauce Powder, Miso Powders, Seaweed Powder, Fish Extract powders and much more.

Nikken is not a flavour house, but creating UMAMI and body of taste with premium natural flavour ingredients since 1964. They have no additives in their materials and they have low salt products. Customization is also available based on the client request. Furthermore, the following certifications such as ISO14001, ISO9001, FSSC22000, BRC, GMP, HACCP and FREE SALES are available as well.

Traditional Soy Sauce Powder – 5305

Applications are available in soups, sauces/marinades, dressings, gravies, seasonings, snacks, breads/crackers along with sodium reduction and flavour enhancement applications.

Their secret application - Meatballs!!!

Chocolate – much liked in the USA

Just add White Miso Powders and the taste difference is remarkable. Your chocolate will come to ‘life’.

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