Our social responsibility and scope of business

Consumers do not often get to see our products first hand, but they experience our presence in almost everything we eat, drink, clean and further consume. This broad impact means that we at Chemelco and Sumo Food Ingredients feel a sense of inherent responsibility towards everyone in our supply chain.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility includes:

- Developing and maintaining relationships with the most responsible ingredient manufacturers and focus ongreener, healthier and safer trends
- We are committed to working with responsible suppliers and customers that exhibit the highest levels of fairness both to people and animals
- Transporting our raw materials in the most energy efficient way – we look forward to the day where all container vessels are solar-powered!
- We are strongly opposed to the practise of presents and gratuities. The finest gift you will ever receive from us is our generous service and reliable supply of high quality and fully traceable ingredients

We have donated over the last 50 years a portion of our profits directly to dynamic projects in the Caribbean, South America and Africa.

The Scope of Business is described in the Home page of this website.