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Laundry & Cleaning

Focussing on our Fabric Softeners made by Kao Chemicals Europe

Fabric Softeners ingredients is a daily business – favourably Chemelco has a close co-operation with Kao Chemicals in Europe. Kao’s Tetranyl®

range offers cold and hot water soluble softeners. In the same range also pure vegetable varieties, as well as a non-flammable version is available.

The Tetranyl® range also, commonly known as TEA-Esterquats offers the following benefits and advantages:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Full technical formulatory support
  • 90% concentrated, easy to formulate 4 – 5 % end product concentration at the right viscosity

The two most common types to consider:

  • Tetranyl AT-1 = cold water soluble
  • Tetranyl AT-7590 = warm water soluble

Chemelco and Kao Chemicals would gladly extend full support in the formulation process which makes using the Tetranyl range that much more effortless. Furthermore to this, we as Chemelco can supply additional chemicals for these formulations, and thus offer a complete package for your raw material needs:

Glydant® made by LonzaEncapsulated or regular perfumes by Kao PerfumesThickeners; Bermocoll (Hydroxy Ethyl Celluloses by Akzo Chemicals) and Visco Brite 1588 (Chemelco)Pearlescent Agents by PL-10Kao ; DanoxSilicones Easy-Ironing (BRB Silicones)

The same expertise which used for Fabric Softeners is available for Liquid Laundry Detergents, Heavy Duty Cleaning, Disinfecting or Personal Care.

Have a look at Kao Chemicals Europe website under fabric softeners or  for more information.

We would gladly guide you further with formularies, samples or trial drums. Kindly contact our Head Office with your request.

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Bakery Ingredients

All your essential ingredients for bakery products in one basket.

Bakels, a global player in bakery ingredients, and Chemelco have joined forces to offer you an impressive portfolio of specialized ingredients to the bakery industry. In combination with the wide range of ingredients we have distributed for decades, Chemelco is the natural choice.

But there is more news; we have also partnered with Barry Callebaut, a specialist in chocolate ingredients for all your industrial baking and cooking needs.

Enbellet (Custard Cream)

Quick to prepare, with firm setting properties, Enbellet is a premium quality custard with a smooth mouth watering hint of vanilla. Just add cold water.

SuperSoft B

Economical and clean label powdered crumb softener for extended shelf life and softness. Suitable for the production of fruitted and flat breads, sweet doughs, Danish pastries and scones. Usage 0.5% on flour weight.

Emilka Bake

An economical product to replace skimmed milk powder in baked goods.

Instant Super Glaze

A ready-to-use glaze, available in two varieties; one of which is short eating with a bright, transparent glaze that enhances the finished product, particularly where fresh or tinned fruit are incorporated. This glaze is suited to hand and glazing machine applications.

Brioche Paste Concentrate

A 10% usage rate paste concentrate containing vegetable oils, sugar and emulsifiers for the production of brioche products.

Ready Made Mixes

Doughnut, Cake, Brownies, Muffins to name a few; Bakels ready made mixes are a great and easy way to produce quality products.

Gluten Free Multi-seed Bread

Available in different varieties.

Multiseed Bread Concentrate

Contains pumpkin, linseed and sunflower seeds, wheat bran and oat flakes for that extra bite to this darker style of bread with a coarser open texture. Usage 1 kg concentrate to 1 kg flour.


Barry Callebaut range of products can be perfectly suited to your speciality needs;

We can offer you; chocolate chunks, pearls, sticks, drops and nibs, which are available in milk white or dark chocolate. The special composition makes them bake stable with guaranteed good end results.

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Ingredients for Soft drinks, Beer, Wine & Distilled Spirits

Caramel Carcinogenic?

Beware of 4 MEI

Caramels are a popular method used to colour soft drinks, beers and various other drinks. However, in certain production processes of caramel, 4MEI (4-methylimidazole) is formed; and according to recent research can be a health hazardous when consumed.

To keep up with changing health concerns we have sourced several caramels that are 100% 4MEI free, these include; LFF40 for application in Beer & Malted beverages as well as Burnt Sugar CPN 395 which is suited to clean label use.

SnapSIL FD 30

- AntiFoam -

This highly concentrated silicone Anti-Foam is used by many world famous distilleries.

The anti-foam is highly effective, of exceptional quality and can be offered at competitive pricing. The product is also traceable; made in The Netherlands and to European standards.

The best Benzoate in the world

Purox S is ultrapure, fully traceable and odourless Sodium Benzoate that is used by world leading companies. Purox S has low impurity levels which give the product excellent taste and odour profiles, making it suitable for the most demanding end-product requirements. In addition to its excellent purity, Purox S offers outstanding physical properties for consistently high performance. Purox S also offers dust-free processing, which is achieved by the minimal content of small particles, and optimal dissolution performance by the absence of large particles.

Excellent logistics & combined shipments

In order to give our clients the best service, our logistic department warehouses accessible stock in strategic locations, for the beer and beverages industry. We are also able to arrange various combinations of mixed shipments and can include a range of our products, which include; acidulants, preservatives, vitamins, anti-foams, colourings and more.

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