Why Chemelco?


From Source to Customer : in Europe and Asia we have built up a vast network of reputable suppliers with whom we keep close relations. Besides our longstanding relationships with key manufacturers – many of whom have been nurtured over the last 50 years – we remain also constantly developing new associations with new strategic partners

Quality Assurance

At Chemelco we have a saying “ no ISO no business” . Our purchasing teams regularly visit and audit our suppliers. We pay close attention to not only the packaging, but also the palletizing of the chemicals and ingredients. A focus on Good Manufacturing Practices and fully compliant certification is key to our supplier vetting process


We hold stock in strategic locations, giving us the flexibility to ship promptly and efficiently


Shipping is quite possibly the most important aspect of our businessmodel and a huge focus for our teams. Our commitment to supply directly from source, means often our supply chain can extend half way across the globe. This requires very specialized logistics knowledge, contacts and infrastructure. Our highly qualified team are well placed to ensure that your order is shipped efficiently and timeously


The complex demands of thorough product knowledge are met by the equally demanding process of guiding the documentation through the logistical and regulatory process. We have instituted a sophisticated documentation system and invested heavily in SAP Business Software

Our people – who are managing “the whole process”?

With a growing presence in various parts of the world, our Chemelco team is becoming increasingly international. Our collegues are from a variety of countries, including China, South Africa, Iran, Trinidad and the Netherlands. Our team is fluent in a variety of languages, including Spanish, English, French, Persian, Mandarin Chinese, German and Dutch.

We are, as always, at your service !