Head office in The Netherlands

Small enough to be flexible, large enough to be competitive.


The Chemelco Group is a family-owned, private company that has been sourcing and providing innovative, healthy and environmentally sustainable raw ingredients to the food and animal nutrition, home and personal care, as well as cosmetics, industries since 1965.

Two business units

Our diverse product range is managed through two business units: Chemelco Chemicals and Sumo Food Ingredients (SFI). Chemelco Chemicals manages the supply of, predominantly, chemical raw ingredients for home and personal care products, such as detergents or cosmetics; while SFI manages our expanding range of food specialties and additives.

Unique distribution structure

With a well-established, unique distribution structure, Chemelco not only sources the best quality ingredients for your products, but we also manage the entire logistics process, ourselves. From warehousing, documentation, financing, and logistics to dedicated technical advice on single and system products – we confidently supply from source to your door, without an agent network.

All over the world

We have a strong focus on countries in south and central America, southern Africa and the Caribbean, with offices established in the Caribbean, China, South Africa and the Netherlands (head office). Since July 2016 we have started establishing our sales office for Central America operating in San Jose, Costa Rica. Our global position and direct communication allows us to build and maintain strong, personal relationships with well-known industries in Europe, the Asian Pacific region, central and south America, southern Africa and the nearby Indian Ocean Islands.


Why Chemelco? We manage the whole process, personally.

Quality raw ingredients

Our broad portfolio of raw materials is sourced globally, audited to ensure they comply with the latest European quality standards and certifications, and are as natural and environmentally sustainable as possible.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Distribution & logistics

Supply chain management and distribution is as important to us as providing the best quality raw materials at the best prices. All distribution and logistic movements are managed by our teams in our locations supported by SAP Business Software.