About us

We could say that Chemelco distributes specialty food ingredients and specialty chemicals in a selection of geographical markets. However, we are much more than that!

Behind Chemelco there is a strong team of international professionals who strive every day to bring healthy products to make better food and sustainable solutions for people and the environment. A clever combination of product expertise, understanding of where the opportunities are and being open to changes, allows us to remain flexible and offer the best materials to our customers.

We have local stock in our different markets so we can meet prompt demand for these materials. Among our customers we count with well-known multinational producers and regional key-players from the food and chemical industries. Our dedicated team of food technologists and global principals work together with customers, providing valuable advice to make healthier solutions, while improving ‘cost-in-use’. Together we bring a complete portfolio of ingredients for a wide range of applications, including bio-based materials and circular ingredients as part of the growing ‘circular’ economies.

We work daily from 5 offices around the world to bring innovative ingredients to our main markets in the Caribbean, South Africa and Central America. With the products we offer we aim at improving the quality of life of people today and in the future.


From a small office in The Netherlands to 5 offices worldwide and a growing international team in little over 50 years-time, our story is one of true passion! During the years we have grown organically without any external financing. We want to do the things right, serve our customers in the best manner and expand step-by-step. We strive to have the best customer relationship with the highest level of service.

Since 1965 we have been sourcing food ingredients, raw materials and chemicals to customers mainly in the Caribbean region. In the year 1969, Chemelco International B.V. became a private liability company and with it, new opportunities came. A shift in market trends and customer needs, required a rethinking of our product portfolio. That’s when we started diversifying towards more specialty ingredients that would provide clear added value to our customers.

Eventually the resulting growing business led to international expansion. Starting with the opening of our Shanghai office to efficiently coordinate supply and logistics operations, we have grown to establish local presence in the markets we served. We opened our office and distribution center in Trinidad & Tobago and a year later our office in South Africa was established. More recently, our latest office was opened in Costa Rica, from where we serve the Central America market.

Right from the start, our aim has been to serve our customers in the best possible way, not being afraid to change and adapt to new markets and new trends. We use our international pool of knowledge to bring the most innovative ingredients to our different local markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers do not often get to see our products first hand, but they experience our presence in almost everything they eat, drink, clean and further consume. This broad impact means that we feel a true responsibility towards everyone in our supply chain, to make sure that what we source is done in a sustainable way.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility includes:
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with the most responsible ingredient manufacturers and focus on greener, healthier and safer trends
  • We are committed to working with responsible suppliers and customers that exhibit the highest levels of fairness both to people and animals, following the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
  • Our logistics team works intensely to ensure that we transport our raw materials in the most energy efficient way – we look forward to the day where all container vessels are solar-powered!
  • We strongly encourage the conscious use of office material, minimizing paper consumption and recycling as much as possible

Additionally, we are committed to making a difference in the markets we serve. For this reason, we have been donating over the last 50 years a portion of our profits directly to dynamic projects in the Caribbean, Central America and Africa.

ISO Certification

Our broad portfolio of raw materials is sourced globally and it is audited to ensure they comply with the latest European quality standards and certifications. We always strive to ensure all materials are as natural and environmentally sustainable as possible.


To be the distributor of choice of both customers and principals. Being a full-service distributor known for its knowledge and reliable supply of standard and specialty ingredients and (raw) materials, we strive to be the preferred supplier of our customers in our chosen markets as well as be the preferred distributor of our chosen principals in the industries in which we operate.


Chemelco is a distributor of raw materials, specialty chemicals and specialty food ingredients in selected markets. We count with a comprehensive product portfolio and together with our team of food technologists we support our customers in the development of tailored solutions and formulations to produce the products they want. Our team of experts provides in depth advice and unrivalled service to meet our customers’ demands. Our aim is to work effectively towards creating added value for our customers, building up long term relationships with them.