Home and I&I Cleaning

Chemelco offers more than just raw materials. In a changing market driven by consumer demand for new products, changing regulations and policies, safety requirements, innovative concepts and sustainable solutions Chemelco thrive to follow the trends and provide best solutions to its clients. Chemelco Homecare & Industrial Cleaning provides technical support, comprehensive application knowledge, and formulation support. We analyze new opportunities and help our customers and suppliers to test and commercialize new ingredients. We provide a reliable, cost-efficient supply chain network around the world.

Sampling service

At the heart of any successful production process lie two key elements: first, obtaining a small sample that is truly representative of the whole, followed by an analysis of that sample using standard techniques and methods to establish compliance and quality of the source.

Sampling is a key part of the product development process in order to fully test the structure, material, functionality and whether the product visually meets expectations. To achieve such quality of service to the clients Chemelco offers a full sampling service to all clients. Chemelco Hold stock of samples in its Netherlands office from various suppliers to assure that samples are shortly sent after receiving the requests from clients.

For sampling request please contact [sales support email address]

Technical expertise

In Chemelco we do not only thrive to provide the best product quality but also provide technical knowledgeand support to the clients with working closely together with client’s R&D department to develop and achieve the desired results.

Having the combination of technical and commercial experience among chemelcoteams allowus not only to stay competitive but also being up-to-datewith the current market trend that providesadded value to our clients.

We are happy to assistand provide you with our technical knowledge to tackle your production and product development challenges and obstacles.

Please get in touch with your local sales representative for more details.