Vegan Sausage – Frankfurter Type


Chemelco’s experts were challenged to create a vegan sausage, Frankfurter type. We developed a formulation, which consists of Pea Protein Mix as a base and Wheat Protein Powder as a fiber to give an optimum texture and great water binding capacity to our final product. The spices, natural red colorants and taste enhancers we used, […]

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Create an improved line of milk products


Case Our client in Jamaica was looking to develop from scratch a complete line of milk products and to achieve an improved final beverage. The goal was to produce various products: whole, skimmed and soy milk. Chemelco’s solution Working with the best suppliers and most experienced food technologists in the dairy industry, we were able […]

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Mushroom Based Vegan Burger


A client approached us in order to advise them on creating a vegan burger non-breaded recipe. Their priority was creating a clean label recipe that could work easily in their production line. Our Food Technologist created a clean label recipe for the client that’s made from 40% sliced mushrooms cooked in their own liquid, together […]

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