Yogurt Improvement


The client was in demand of a low-cost product to improve the yogurt production line, making a creamier yogurt in order to avoid their current sandy structure as well as fulfill their customers demand for a clean label product.

Chemelco’s solution

Our solution was a simple addition of around 0.5 to 1% of innovative potato starch and potato protein blend that forms highly elastic thermo-reversible gels through heating and cooling cycles. Its performance in dairy products like yogurt is similar to that of gelatin.


The starch and potato protein blend provided a rich indulgent mouthfeel, which is similar to milk fat or milk protein. The creaminess was enhanced and premium taste and texture were obtained with the addition of only 1% of this blend. After several testing trials, using also other manufacturer’s yogurt, which was made without the added blend, consumers preferred our improved type emphasizing on the creamy light texture and the pure clean taste of the final product. Successfully we could fullfill all the client’s requests, including the low- cost request. Commercial & practical advantages: The starch and potato blend increased the shelf life of the yogurt, without any changes to its structure over time.