Create an improved line of milk products


Our client in Jamaica was looking to develop from scratch a complete line of milk products and to achieve an improved final beverage. The goal was to produce various products: whole, skimmed and soy milk.

Chemelco’s solution

Working with the best suppliers and most experienced food technologists in the dairy industry, we were able to source the optimum milk powders for each type of milk that we wanted to produce.

Our special ingredient that was added in the application, is an enzymatically treated potato starch, free of E numbers, which offers a new way of texturizing food products. It is functional in relatively low dosage, used in 0.6% in full fat milk and 0.8% in both skimmed and soy milk. Important to mention is that there is no change in the existing procedure, since the potato starch can be added at the beginning of the process together with the rest of the dry ingredients and it blends well.


A clean label line of milk products was produced with a low fat content of only 1.6% in the drink.  The final texture of the milk product using our special ingredient is achieved after twelve to twenty- four hours at 40C. It can be labeled as a food starch and after several trials we realized that one part of this product can replace one part of protein and three parts of fat. The use of this special starch gave our final product improved, creamier and full mouthfeel texture. All three types of milk impressed our customers right after the first sip.