Vegan Sausage – Frankfurter Type

Chemelco’s experts were challenged to create a vegan sausage, Frankfurter type. We developed a formulation, which consists of Pea Protein Mix as a base and Wheat Protein Powder as a fiber to give an optimum texture and great water binding capacity to our final product.

The spices, natural red colorants and taste enhancers we used, were simply mixed with the rest of the dry ingredients in very low dosage, below 1%. The final fat content of the sausage was as low as 15%. In addition, we used a natural preservative which lead to a longer shelf life. All ingredients used in this new solution are compliant with European regulations on non-animal food products. Our Food Technologist have developed a recipe for vegan frankfurters. It’s a close alternative to the real thing in terms of mouthfeel, bite and taste profile. We offer our customers a “Vegan Sausage Kit” containing all ingredients, so they can try it out on their own. Chemelco organically produces Mustard Powder, which is a separate product on the market. Mustard Powder was reconstructed to mustard sauce, especially to be consumed with sausages.

Our delicious vegan sausage together with spicy mustard sauce quickly became a feast. Chemelco’s extensive expertise was key to develop this recipe. We serve as a partner of our customers’ success by taking advantage of the capabilities, knowledge and technology we developed throughout the years, leading to optimized products.