Shampoo, Hand and Body Wash

Chemelco is offering a range of specialty raw materials to the manufacturers of Personal Care products. With an extensive range of high-performance personal care solutions from internationally well-known suppliers, we cater to hair care, skin care applications.

We offer products, formulation expertise, supporting technical starting formulations. Our portfolio includes specialty and innovative surfactant bases silicones and emollients together with a host of additives and actives.

  • Anionics surfactant
  • Non-Ionics surfactant
  • Foam boosters
  • Emulsifier
  • Solubilizer
  • Mild surfactant
  • Thickeners
  • Green Emollient
  • Sulfate-Free Surfactants
  • Rheology modifiers
  • Viscosity stabilizer
  • Vegetable origin surfactant
  • Natural liquid EO-free Thickener