Chemelco presents natural solutions in Pop-Up Embassy event, in Guatemala


At the end of February in Guatemala, Chemelco attended the Pop-Up Embassy event, organized by the Dutch Embassy and Agexport Guatemala, the Guatemalan Exporters Association. Main focus of this event was to present The Netherlands as “your commercial and innovative partner”. Target audience was exporting companies interested in bilateral commerce between Guatemala and The Netherlands and companies in search of new food technologies to help innovate and create added value to their products.

Chemelco used this platform to introduce our products in the local market. As part of the program, there was a panel organized, titled “Interviews to Dutch companies whose advise, innovations and technology, help create added value in the food sector”. Our food technologist took this chance to present our natural taste-enhancing solutions with added value benefits such as salt reduction, sugar reduction, balance taste and MSG replacement.

Main products presented were:

  • Scelta’s STA (Taste Accelerator) used in guacamole, used to enhance taste and achieve a creamier texture of the product, replacing completely the use of MSG and a 20% salt reduction.
  • Scelta’s STA CC (with Calcium Chloride) also used in brownies to enhance the cacao taste, brings more depth in taste, and reduces the cacao use, thus improving profitability.
  • Loryma’s texturized wheat proteins, used to produce a totally vegan burger, achieving a home-style burger, hard to differentiate from a real meat burger!

After the event, a networking cocktail took place, where Chemelco could actually offer guacamole and brownies made with Scelta and Vegan Burgers made with Loryma wheat proteins. Visitors were delighted with the taste!