Craft Brewers event with our Principal PureMalt, in Costa Rica


In February Chemelco Food Tech organized a brewing event in Costa Rica in order to introduce and promote our specialized Malt Extracts from our award-winning principal PureMalt from Scotland. The event took place at the premises of Beer Designers Brewing, outside of San Jose.

Master Brewers from the region participated in this workshop where our principal explained the diverse uses of malt extracts in craft beer, in concrete the PureMalt Crafted Range, its guidelines, added benefits and cost-saving solutions. The Crafted range consists of 6 liquid malt extracts, available in 5 kg packs, aimed at craft brewers with capacity starting from 500 L tanks.

Here a few key points we would like to share:

  • These specialty malt extracts provide a consistent colour, taste and quality
  • They are designed to increase colour, body and taste in beers
  • Malt Extracts can be used at any stage in beer production, preferably before filtration
  • By using single wort stream, the brewers can create various types of beers using malt extracts

After the training, a tasting round of beers with 6 different malt extracts took place, followed up by a barbeque where all participants had the chance to continue the conversation with Chemelco and PureMalt.